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toro_logoToro has been supplying a full line of top quality irrigation equipment to fit any turf need for more than 30 years. Whether you need central field control solutions, sprinklers or valves, Toro has what you need in irrigation. Cover-Irri-fullcat2016-2017Click on Image to view or Download Full Toro Irrigation Catalog 2016-2017

  • Low, Fixed pricing

  • Quality repairs by the original manufacturer
  • Repairs performed by experienced, certified technicians, using only Toro approved components

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NSN provides comprehensive technical support and priority component and system replacement for its large turf irrigation control customers including superintendents and managers of private and public golf courses, municipal parks, sports complexes and facilities.

Toro NSN offers fast system troubleshooting, problem-solving, remote diagnostics and friendly advice.

Irrigation GOLF | Infinity Sprinkler

Infinity Sprinkler

One Sprinkler. Countless Benefits. Infinite Possibilities.
The New Toro® INFINITY™ Series Sprinklers are designed with your course’s future in mind. A patented SMART ACCESS™ design enables you to add new technology for decades to come – using only a screwdriver.
You begin saving with the INFINITY Series sprinkler from day one. Why? You’ll dramatically reduce time spent on sprinkler service and maintenance. Best of all, you won’t need to invest in new sprinklers as technology advances. INFINITY Series sprinklers are completely backward and forward compatible. You can even use risers from existing Toro 800S Series and DT Series sprinklers.


Smart Access

The patented INFINITY™ Series sprinklers are designed to save you time and money. Whether you choose a Toro Satellite or 2-wire control system the patented SMART ACCESS™ design enables you to add new technology for decades to come. You won’t need to invest in new sprinklers as technology advances. The INFINITY Series is built for flexible expansion, not replacement, to keep your course looking its best and your golfers playing.

  • GDC 2-wire module accessible from the top
  • Pilot valve accessible from the top
  • Wire splices protected and accessible from the top
  • Future-proof your investment

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Irrigation GOLF | LYNX


The Toro® Lynx® Central Control System was developed specifically to help you address the unique challenges and changing priorities you face every day. With Lynx, you can now have all of your essential irrigation information readily available in one place, conveniently combined into a single, intuitive interface

  • Easy to Set Up
    Lynx® was developed for quick setup – it gives you a fast, accurate way to setup your system to put water exactly where you want it, and then allows you to make edits as your course conditions change
  • Easy to Use
    Lynx® has a distinct user interface that combines all essential data and intuitively presents the information you need (alerts, scheduled watering and more) at a glance. It’s easy to access all the information you need with one click through your Favorites Menu.
  • Easy to Control
    Lynx® empowers you to take quick, accurate action to effectively control and manage your golf course by providing past, present and future course information from multiple sources into a single, intuitive interface.
  • National Support Network (NSN®)
    Toro’s exclusive National Support Network provides software and network assistance from experienced service professionals who understand what you need. NSN Connect™ allows easy remote access to your irrigation system.
  • Dynamic pulldown to hide/show course name.
  • Dynamic drilldown by area, for quick overview.
  • The color of the water drop tells you if it’s going to irrigate or not.
  • Simple menu with all functions. Save the most important pages in favorites for quick access.
  • Dynamic tabs to hide/show open folders.

Superior course map editing and creation

The advanced functionality of the Lynx® Central Control System enables you to edit your course map easily, or create your own fully interactive map using a digital image of your course. Setting up your map is simple, and Lynx® lets you program and control your irrigation activities right from the map, with instant access to operation feedback from the rest of your irrigation system.

Easily set up and customize your irrigation system

Because course managers insist on easy-to-use software, the Lynx® Central Control System was developed for quick setup and operation. Lynx® was designed by Toro to reflect the input and preferences of the individuals who would be installing and using it.



Satellite systems use controllers placed on each hole to operate a specified number of stations.

  • Future upgrades can be accomplished with advanced satellite firmware, keeping you current with technology.
  • Satellite upgrade kits enable older Toro satellite units to be upgraded very cost effectively vs. a complete system change-out.
  • Hardwire, 2-way radio and paging communication options allows for easy installation and maintenance
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Irrigation GOLF | Turf Guard

The Toro Turf Guard Wireless Soil Monitoring System helps you improve your turf, soil and water efficiency

  • Improves course playability and turf quality
    – Optimize irrigation to achieve hard and fast surfaces without allowing moisture deprivation stress
    – Prevent disease outbreaks
    – Stimulate root growth through deep irrigation cycles
  • Improves Water Use Efficiency
    – Place scientific data behind claims/goals of efficient water usage
  • Protects the turf
    – Prevent unnecessary turf stress that could lead to disease
The Turf Guard system consists of buried wireless sensors, above-ground repeaters, a base station and a user interface.

  • Each wireless sensor continually monitors soil moisture volume, salt content and temperature at two depths
  • Data from two depths can track water and salt movement and soil dry-down through the root zone
  • Sensors transmit data every five minutes through repeaters to base station
  • Soil information received at base station is instantly accessible on your computer screen
  • A central database web server can store years of data from the sensors

Benefits of Soil Moisture Measurement

  • Reduce water use
  • Create Faster greens
  • Prevent fungus and weed growth
  • Set different strategies for greens, tees, fairways
    – Greens – speed
    – Tees – divot recovery
    – Fairways – largest water use, greatest opportunity to save water, usually
    different soil
  • Use Turf Guard to Stretch Irrigation Cycles
  • Manage for Consistency
  • Salinity Management
  • Benefits of Soil Temperature Measurement


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with more information

Beautiful Waterway with Otterbine Solutions

SIXTY YEARS AGO OTTERBINE pond and lake aeration systems were only available in wastewater treatment and commercial fish farms. In 1980 when Chuck and Terry Barebo purchased the Otterbine line they recognized that the need for clean water went beyond industrial applications to include areas such as; golf courses, parks, commercial complexes and any area where people and water connected.

With this awareness, they purchased the Otterbine product line and the journey began of providing high quality aeration systems, aerating fountains and underwater lighting to these markets



WITH POPULATIONS MULTIPLYING at increasing rates, the global demand for clean water is growing. Often land development creates pollutants that are rich in nutrients containing high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen that rob a pond of oxygen. Low oxygen levels combined with minimal circulation prematurely ages a water body and throws the natural ecosystem out of balance. Visible indicators that the pond is suffering from a lack of oxygen are algae, aquatic weeds, insects and foul odors – not only are these conditions unsightly but they can be detrimental if a pond is being used to water livestock or irrigate crops and turf. These indicators alert us to the need for implementing a water quality management solution. The most natural water quality management solution
is to introduce aeration into a pond or lake and induce oxygen into the water column creating currents that eliminate stagnant water. Aeration mixes cool bottom water with warm surface water helping to eliminate thermal stratification.

  • S U R F A C E A N D S U B S U R F A C E A E R A T I O N S Y S T E M S
  • A E R A T I N G F O U N T A I N S
  • I N D U S T R I A L A E R A T O R S  S U R F A C E  &  S U B S U R F A C E
  • D I F F U S E D A E R A T I O N
  • G I A N T F O U N T A I N S
  • S M A L L P O N D O W N E R S – F R A C T I O N A L S Y S T E M S
  • F O U N T A I N G L O ™ L I G H T I N G
Cover-Otterbine Click on the image to View or Download the Full Otterbine Brochure with much more information.