We are proud to add Salsco Golf Course Equipment and Commercial Wood Chippers to our distribution channel.

Salsco manufactures six Greens Rollers with Transport Trailers; GGR Model 09065 or 09067, GGR Model HP11, GGR Model HP5.5, GGR Model HP11-III and the Electric Greens Roller QC, 09074.

The Tranz-Former, EHA 5-G, Greens/Approaches/Fairways and Sports Fields Roller, and the Roll-N-Go, EHA Greens Roller, both of which are self-transporting.

Added to our extensive line of Rollers in 2018 is the Walk Behind Greens Roller.

The C.R.V. – Core Recovery Vehicle can be converted into a 72″ Wide Roller.

Salsco Greens Roller General

PTO Chippers, Gravity Feed &
Hydraulic Feed General Brochure

Engine Driven Chippers,
Gravity Feed & Hydraulic Feed,
UP TO 6″ Capacity General Brochure