Irrigation Service

Our Irrigation Department Is Ready to Serve

PTP’s Irrigation Service Department is in the field and ready to serve with on-site repair services, including:


      • Troubleshooting of all Brands of Irrigation Control Systems.
      • Board Exchange Service for all brands of satellite control systems
      • Installing and troubleshooting Campbell Scientific Weather Stations.
      • Conducting frequency scans and site surveys for radio systems
      • Radio programming for hand held radios.
      • Installing radio Antennae for base stations.
      • Troubleshooting and repair for valves and sprinkler heads.
      • Performing wire tracking, fault locating, and repair.


We also provide preventative maintenance service contracts in three levels:
      • Budget Service Contract
      • Standard Service Contract
      • Premium Service Contract

Contact customer support to schedule a service call.  1-888-776-8873, Ext 2