Parts Return Policy

In order to improve the level of customer service we provide to our customers we have set forth our returned goods policy together with procedures to be followed in order to ensure timely issuance of credits where appropriate.

It is the policy of Professional Turf Products to satisfy all reasonable requests of our customers. Therefore, we will accept parts returns provided that the request is in conformance with the procedures outlined below:

  1. All part returns require prior authorization consisting of a RMA number.
  2. Your parts must be returned within 30 days of receiving the RMA number.
  3. All requests for authorization are to be made by calling the Parts Return Department at: 1-888-Pro-Turf, > Press 1 for Parts
  1. We are committed to responding to your request within two business days.
  2. Part returns will only be accepted for those items purchased within the past 90 days.
  3. Returned goods may be subject to a restocking charge plus freight charges where applicable.
  4. All parts are to be returned to the Euless office with the RMA number and the name of the product Return Department employee who issued the number clearly written on the shipping container. A copy of the invoice or packing slip must be included.
  5. Credit for properly approved returns will be issued within two business days of the receipt of the material in the Euless office.

Thanks for your cooperation with this process.


David Lau
Chief Financial Officer