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We can provide as little or as much service as you need.

Turn Key Project

Professional turf Products,  can handle all installation requirements… including demolition and removal of the existing station.

Do you need to
upgrade your system?

PTP can update your current station to the most recent technology. This can include real time interaction between the station and the Irrigation Control System.

On Demand or
Contract Service

We will be there when you need us. PTP provides 24/7
On Demand Service as well as Preventative Maintenance Contracts (highly recommended to reduce the number and cost of service calls you have to make).

Preventive Maintenance

How long has it been since your Pump Station had Preventive Maintenance?

It’s time to CHECK your System.

A Preventive Maintenance Check up conducted by Professional Turf Products will provide you  with the peace of mind that comes with reducing the number (and cost) of service

calls you will have to make during the busiest time of the year.

Avoid the Spring RUS
H and contact CUSTOMER SERVICE 1 888 776 8873 Option 2to schedule one of our highly trained Technicians



For over 30 years, Watertronics has taken great pride in designing and manufacturing custom pumping solutions for Golf, Landscape, Municipal, and Agricultural use.  We offer a full line of pump station products from single-pump, self-enclosed pumping systems to highly-complex, large-capacity systems for water districts, resorts, and farming operations.

At Watertronics we don’t just build pump stations, we provide total water management solutions.


Watertronics pumping solutions provide time and energy saving features that ultimately extend the life of the product – and the overall enjoyment of the golf course. We utilize Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) to regulate water pressure and replace over-irrigation with intelligent irrigation and precision pump control, often helping reduce our customers’ energy costs by up to 25%.


  • Electronic Butterfly Valve (EBV) patented system provides peace of mind protection and reduces unscheduled downtime


  • Stainless steel impellers are standard on vertical turbine pumps and extend the life of your pump station.
  • Long-lasting seamless skid is free of welding seams or cracks and is designed to prevent rust and corrosion


Watervision® remote monitoring technology by Watertronics® provides you the
flexibility to monitor and control your pump system from any web-enabled device
through an intuitive interface. Your pump station can be integrated into new and existing Rain Bird® and Toro® central control systems to provide two-way communication and information on pump status, pumping capacity, pumping history, any safety conditions, and custom responses.

  • Remote Monitoring
    Access data anywhere, anytime – with online data storage – from any webenabled device.
  • Maximum System Uptime
    Receive automatic notification of preset alarm events via text or email for worry-free monitoring.
  • Power Monitoring
    Optimize wire-to-water efficiency by monitoring and trending power consumption and the quality of incoming power.
  • Dynamic Integration
    Integrated, Web-based control system that allows pumps to be operated at the most energy-efficient setpoint and then automatically sequence to meet demand.
  • Trend Data
    Standard and customized trending of pump station data helps optimize pump sequencing, connected horsepower, and pressure setpoints.
  • Multiple Site
    Access Monitor and control multiple sites locally, regionally and worldwide.
  • Multiple Users
    Flexibility to monitor and control large projects that require multiple users.

Watervision Image


Engineered specifically for your course, Watertronics offers a Vertical Turbine and Horizontal Centrifugal pump system solution for small-to-large-scale irrigation requirements. Your pump station arrives pre-engineered and factory tested, ready for quick installation and start-up. With proven reliability and pumping efficiency, Watertronics offers a cost-effective solution that’s fully customized to meet your needs.


  • High-pressure ductile iron discharge heads offer 65,000 PSI tensile strength with unique dual-port air release system for complete purging of air
  • NEMA premium efficient inverter duty VHS motors
  • User-friendly VirtualVision PRO Touchscreen
  • Climate-controlled NEMA 4 Cabinet
  • Maintenance-free mechanical seal eliminates water spray
  • Harder, longer-lasting efficiency with 201 stainless steel impellers and porcelain-lined bowls
  • Super strength construction with seamless rolled steel base
Verticle Turbine Station


  • Fuseless panel for easy reset via circuit breaker
  • Save power, save your piping with on-board curves for flow-based pressure set
  • Secure waterproof NEMA 4 cabinet with single latch closing
  • Inlet pressure monitoring
  • Smooth, reliable, instantaneous backup pressure regulation
  • VFD jockey pump supports efficient syringing/handwatering while reducing unnecessary main pump starts
  • Rust-inhibiting multi-step coatings for durability
  • Real-time power monitoring
Horizontal Centrifical

Your Source – to – Course Service Solution

PTP’s irrigation service team consists of field service personnel and an in house controller repair technicians.

Each of the field service technicians are Licensed Texas Irrigators. Additionally, PTP and its technicians are licensed by the FCC and perform all radio frequency surveys and attenuation checks in-house. Each technician is Toro Lynx and Site-Pro certified to the advanced level. PTP is the only distributor in its service area to maintain a full time, managed and dedicated service team.

PTP’s Controller Repair Center provides 24 hour turn around on all solid state circuit board repairs including competitive products. All mechanical control systems are returned within five working days.
Flat rate charges apply to all repairs that are out of warranty.

Irrigation computer support is provided by PTP Water Management Specialists and by the Toro National Support Network (NSN). Toro is the only manufacturer in the industry to maintain in house computer component assembly and support. Its team of 20 telephone technicians provide 24 / 7 technical assistance for software and hardware. NSN also provides warranty support for all computer and software components sold in conjunction with the irrigation system.