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 Rotary Mowers


4000-D – Tier 4

The Groundsmaster® 4000-D is the strongest most productive 11′ (3.4 m) mower available today. With the Yanmar® turbo-diesel, 55 hp (41 kw), engine you can quickly mow through a variety of cutting conditions. The 4000-D has the rare ability to mow a 0 degree uncut circle without the use of wheel brakes.
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3500-D Slidewinder Tier 4

The Groundsmaster® 3500-D is a revolutionary triplex rotary mower designed for superior performance trimming. The free-floating Contour™ Plus cutting decks allow mowing of undulating terrain without scalping. The powerful 24.8 hp (18.5 kw) Kubota® engine and exclusive Series/Parallel™ traction drive system, gets the mowing job done quickly.
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4500-D / 4700-D – Tier 4

The free-floating Contour™ Plus cutting decks follow the contour of the terrain for a championship quality of cut. With a powerful 55 hp (41.1 kw) Yanmar® engine and full-time 4-wheel drive, tough jobs get done quickly. With the Smart Power feature it will allow an inexperienced operator to be more productive than a seasoned veteran.
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Groundsmaster 7200

The Groundsmaster® 7200 is a zero turn rotary mower rugged enough to be called a Groundsmaster®. Powerful Kubota® 24.8 hp (18.5 kW), 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engines get the job done well. Durable heavy duty 7-gauge welded deck construction and the industry’s toughest spindle assembly provide long life. Use the Groundsmaster® 7200 for more than mowing with the added versatility for removing snow, grooming infields and blowing leaves.

Groundsmaster® 7200 Models can be configured with one of the following decks:

72″ side discharge (model 30360)
72″ base deck (model 30461) which can be set up as either a rear discharge deck or Guardian® Recycler® deck
60″ side discharge deck (model 30467) or
62″ base deck (model 30462) which can be set up as either a rear discharge deck or Guardian® Recycler® deck
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Groundsmaster 360 Quad-Steer

The Toro® Groundsmaster® 360 Quad-Steer™ 4WD reinvents the way a mower performs. Powered by a 36.8 hp (27.5 kW) Yanmar® 3-cylinder diesel engine, this machine utilizes revolutionary Quad-Steer™ all wheel steering to maximize productivity. Climb hills without slipping. Make 180° turns without tearing turf. Hug the turns or side hills while mowing in total comfort.

Groundsmaster® 360 Quad-Steer™ 4WD Models can be configured with one of the following decks:

100″ (254 cm) rear discharge (model 31101)
72″ (183 cm) side discharge (model 30481)
72″ (183 cm) base deck (model 30353) which can be set up as either a rear discharge deck or Guardian® Recycler® deck
60″ (152 cm) side discharge (model 30456)
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Reel Mowers

Reelmaster 3100-D

The Reelmaster® 3100-D is powered by a 3-cylinder Kubota® diesel, and is equipped with manually adjustable variable reel speed and on-board backlapping. With available 5, 8, and 11 blade DPA Cutting Units, the Reelmaster® 3100-D will provide a precision cut for a wide range of applications.
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Infield Groomers

Sand Pro 5040

The Sand Pro® 5040 is the definition of versatility and function. The patented Quick Attach System™ (QAS) for front, mid and rear attachments allows for under-a-minute attachment changes. With a powerful 18 hp (13.4 kW) engine and hydraulic power steering, be more productive with 17 attachments, including the Flex Blade which raises and lowers hydraulically. Each attachment was specifically designed to take the operator influence out of the equation for high performance and a consistent surface finish.
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Utility Vehicles

Workman® HDX-4WD

A tough, 4-wheel drive vehicle providing durability, excellent driving performance and versatility.
Payload Capacity
The Workman® HDX 4WD vehicle provides total payload capacity of 2,835 lbs. (1,289 kg).
Four Wheel Drive Traction
Automatic, on demand, bi-directional four wheel drive traction system provides additional traction when needed without operator action.
High Performance Engine
Liquid cooled diesel engine provides excellent low end torque and is EPA Tier 4 emmission compliant and B20 biodiesel ready.
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Application & Aeration

ProCore 864 / 1298

Toro’s ProCore® 864 and 1298 are one of the newest additions to our highly innovative aeration product line. Proven coring head technology from the very successful ProCore® 648 combined with an improved platform, the result is the most productive and durable large area aerators available today.
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ProPass 200

The new Toro ProPass™ 200 broadcast style topdresser delivers extremely accurate spread patterns from ultra-light dustings to ultra-heavy aeration hole filling applications without any guesswork. Available in both a utility vehicle mounted version and a towed version.
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TopDresser 2500

For maximum performance and power choose the Toro® Topdresser 2500 – a self-contained, all-wheel drive unit towed by a Toro® Workman® or other utility vehicle. The 25 cubic foot (.7 cu. m.) capacity coupled with 8 mph (12.9 km/h) topdressing speed will tackle the toughest topdressing jobs. The all-wheel drive ensures a consistant application rate on uneven terrain.
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Multi Pro 1750 – 175 gallon dedicated sprayer

Earning the market leader position in turf vehicle sprayers comes from listening to what your customers truly want in a sprayer. Toro’s new 175-gallon dedicated vehicle sprayer is the culmination of hundreds of hours of insightful customer input. This totally new sprayer uses the advanced spray system design of Toro’s extremely successful Multi Pro 5800, 300-gallon sprayer, combined with cutting-edge sprayer controls and productive vehicle features to create the most advanced, efficient and accurate 175 gallon sprayer on the market. From aggressive agitation, faster response, consistent and accurate application rates, and intuitive rate set up, to precise vehicle control, this sprayer has it all.
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Debris Management

Pro Force D.O.T Certified

The Pro Force™ debris blower provides greater air volume flow than any single nozzle turbine-type debris blower currently available. A hand-held wireless RF remote control is available, which provides the capability to start and stop the engine, adjust engine throttle up and down for low to high RPM range of operation, and rotate the nozzle 360 degrees – all from the operator’s seat in a Toro® Workman® MD Series or similar utility vehicle. This blower delivers superior productivity and greater efficiency in jobs ranging from cleaning cart paths and other maintained paved areas, to blowing grass clippings, aeration cores or chaff, or other organic debris off fairways or greens.
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